HY-LITE is an innovative composite material made up of two thin sheets of aluminum wrapped around a white polypropylene center. Like steel, HY-LITE can be bent, drilled, cut, milled, sliced, printed and silk screen printed, but weighs 30% less than aluminum and 65% less than steel.

HY-LITE offers both strength and flexibility and, thanks to the polypropylene center, it can be used to create a hinge effect, folding it up to 80,000 times.

HY-LITE is very recyclable. When cryogenically crushed, the aluminum and polypropylene components are easily separated and reused.

HY-LITE is printable and can be customized with relief embossing, silk screen printing and high-definition digital printing.

The HY-LITE objects can be made in different sizes, both externally and internally, according to customer’s requirements. The collection is made up of original Alisea objects. These include ring binders, clipboards with pen holder and pockets for brochures, agendas, address books, CD racks, organizers and boxes – all designed to be elegant and highly durable.
Each item can be customized with logos and writing using silk screen printing, relief embossing and digital printing, even for small quantities.
All the HY-LITE aluminum objects are made in Italy.


Internal mechanism available with 2 or 4 rings.
Suitable for documents of different sizes.
Customizable relief embossing, silk screen printing or digital printing.

La Suite Hotel & Spa
Menu and directory binder with custom laser printing and embossing.

The entire surface of the ring binders has been personalized using high-definition digital printing.


D.u.a.l. for Enodoro
In over thirty years, Enodoro has specialized in the production and marketing of machines and products for oenology and winemaking. Hy-Lite was chosen for its strength and lightness.

D.u.a.l. for Enodoro
The project was directly followed by the company’s communication agency, D.u.a.l. from Milan. Detail of customization, laser engraving with graphics created by the agency.

Inside, the clipboard can be equipped with pen loop and document pocket.

Clipboard without cover.

The cover flap and simple design allows you to write without the need for a table.
The lightweight and durable HY-LITE material is ideal for creating office accessories.
Customized using silk screen printing.


Special Hy-Lite packaging.

Made-to-measure boxes and packaging created using HY-LITE and tailored to meet the customer’s specifications.
They can be customized using relief embossing and silk screen printing.

Box Office: a box containing 2 blocks of recycled paper, an eraser, a large pencil, a pencil sharpener and a maxi aluminum ruler.

The entire surface of the packaging has been customized using silk screen printing.


Key ring La Suite Hotel & Spa

The shape is that of the leaf logo of the hotel.
Laser printing.


Made of recycled aluminum beverage cans.
Sublimation printing.

Pocket calendar

Made of aluminum.
The entire surface can be customized using silk screen printing.