Paper doesn’t betray memory.
‘It doesn’t depend on electricity or batteries, there aren’t viruses deleting data or hackers stealing what you wrote on it, and no accidental click can erase days, weeks or months of work.  It is for that reason that for over 17 years, even in the middle of the digital age, we’ve continued to create Eco-agendas: because we believe in the paper’s loyalty.’ Alisea Recycled & Reused Objects Design.

The 100% recycled paper that makes up Alisea’s agendas is created without using chlorine or derivatives. The traditional solvents have been replaced with environmentally-friendly, soy-based inks.
They have been certified  ReMade in Italy and “Printed with sun”, as, to print our agendas, we only work with industrial plants powered by the latest generation photovoltaic equipment, saving 760 000 kg of CO2 per year.
No trees are cut down to make the paper that Alisea uses to produce their eco-agendas.
The design of the 2022 agendas is completely new and exclusive to Alisea.
The Covers are available in different designs and materials. The materials are often provided by the customers themselves or by sustainable supply chains, and customized using the most advanced printing techniques and drawings or designs supplied by the customer, when required.
Sizes: Weekly planner with notebook 17×24 cm (6.69×9.45 in), Logbook (undated) 15×21 cm (5.90×8.27 in).


In the first page of the Weekly planner with notebook has the “Printed with the sun” and FSC Recycled certification.
Recycled paper for the internal pages.

Alisea 2022 agendas, colour blue and grey.

The internal layout of the 2022 Alisea agendas is available in red/grey and blue/grey. The weekly agenda with notebook consists of 128 pages and 32 sheets of light-colored 90 gr. recycled paper.
Size cm 17×24 (6.69×9.45 in), Personal notes, 12-month 2022-2023 calendar, Planner, international holidays, Weights and measures, International dial codes, Address book with email addresses, 8 languages (​​I, GB, F, D, E and CIR, C, ARAB).


The covers of the Ecophilosophy agendas are made with a special type of cardboard that combines an elegant embossed finish with incredible wear and moisture resistance. The 100% pure cellulose paper has FSC-CW certification as it comes from sustainable farming; it is water-resistant and fully recyclable. On request, you can add a black or white cardboard pocket to the agenda with a pen holder. You can customize the entire surface of the cover and include an elastic fastener. On request you can add pages for business communications.


Alfabeto, the 2022 agenda, is a special project born from the collaboration with Tipoteca Italiana, a foundation and a museum that aims to protect the historical heritage of Italian typography. The cover of Alfabeto, created by the designer Franco Chiani, shows 12 typographic fonts: from Bodoni of the late 18th century, to Ornato of the second half of the 19th century, up to Fontanesi of 1954. Alfabeto is a limited edition entirely produced in Italy. 

Detail of the removable cover that tells the story of Alfabeto project.

The cover is sewn on the entire perimeter with cotton thread to avoid the use of glues.

Alfabeto is certified “Printed with sun”, as to print it we only work with industrial plants powered by the latest generation photovoltaic equipment, saving about 760 000 kilograms of CO2 per year. No trees were cut down for the production of Alfabeto.


A unique writing tool where the cover – which uses a thin strip of steel AISI 403 (60% derived from the recovery and recyling of metal scraps) – attracts magnetically Perpetua magnetica. Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook combines patents and innovative technologies, made in Italy.

Details of the cover made in Ecophilosophy paper and the laser engraving on Perpetua the pencil.

Cirfood has chosen Perpetua recorder the magnetic agenda. Customization of the inner pages with company logo and colours.

Weekly diary 17×24 cm + integrated notebook. 100% recycled paper.


Ecophilosophy paper cover. Customisation: offset printing

Customised cover examples.


Carlo Riccò

The cover of Carlo Riccò agenda was created upon company briefing by the artist Deisa Centazzo. Alisea offers the possibility to develop communication projects with both artists and graphic designers.

Consorzio Pelle Conciata al Vegetale
Over the years, Alisea has created for Consorzio Pelle Conciata al Vegetale a collection of agendas with different shades of color and a particular vintage effect.


Leader of our change – Confartigianato Vicenza
The agenda of Confartigianato Vicenza is dedicated to the challenge for the development of a sustainability awareness that contributes to build an ideal ecosystem to achieve the 17 goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda.
Weekly interiors, red and grey interior print.
Size: cm 17×24.

Detail of the internal cotton thread along the edges.

Graphics made ad hoc based on customer needs. 

Cover in Ecophilosophy, entirely sewn with cotton thread without the use of glue. Graphics made ad hoc based on customer needs. All the interiors of Alisea weekly diaries are customizable with closing rubber bands, pen/pencil holders and page markers.

Confartigianato Vicenza
Ecophilosophy cover entirely sewn with cotton thread without the use of glues. Water-resistant paper.

Carlo Riccò
The fuchsia flat closing elastic matches with the color of the logo.


JACRON is cellulose fiber created in the ‘90s for jeans labels and all the leading casual clothing brands, especially from the US, were its main clients. Its principal characteristics are: the possibility tobe printed with any technique, the resistance to frequent wash, the resistance of seams. All these are quite unusual for a paper product like Jacron. Jacron is water-resistant and fully recyclable.


jacron kit created exclusively for Cirfood, composed by
diary with removable cover
briefcase with zip
Both cover and briefcase are manufactured with cotton seams and without glue. Customisation: offset printing + hot printing

The first page shows “Printed with the Sun” and “FSC Recycled” certifications and the ecological mission of our agendas

Carlo Riccò
Diary with removable cover with elastic closure and elastic pen holder to match.

Bonnie e Clyde
High definition digital printing technique.

Detail of inner pocket dedicated to the project explanation

The printing colours used for the inner pages was customised on customer request. It was also add the company logo.

Liu Jo
Liu Jo chose to combine Perpetua the pencil with the agenda. On request it is possibile to ad customized pen holder.
Customisation: digital printing

Pen holder and flat elastic closure.


The R | CUOIO (Re-Leather) used by Alisea is produced using the leftover leather from the Italian footwear industry that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.
The R | CUOIO is available in charcoal grey or Havana brown. The edges of the covers of the R | CUOIO agendas can be colored, upon request, with plant-based dyes. On request, you can include a cardboard pocket inside the agenda along with a pen holder. You can customize the entire surface of the cover and include an elastic fastener. Customization: silk screen printing, hot stamping with or without color, digital printing.


customized R | CUOIO removable cover with visible spiral binding.

The colored edges can match the color of the eraser of the Perpetua the pencil.

Havana brown R | CUOIO made from leftover light-coloured leather. Customizable screen printing and hot printing.

Charcoal grey R | CUOIO made from leftover dark leather. Customizable hot printing.

Charcoal grey R | CUOIO made from leftover dark leather. Customizable hot printing.


Weekly R | CUOIO agenda with removable cover for Laufen. Hot print customization.

R | CUOIO agendas are available in anthracite grey or havana. The cover is entirely sewn with matching or contrasting cotton thread on customer request.

Examples of cover customization using hot printing without color and digital printing.

Interior detail of removable agenda

Examples of digital printing on different agendas sizes.


The cover is made of FSC certified black coloured cardboard (Favini papermill). The internal pages are made of recycled paper from selected waste, to minimize the use of energy, water and harmful chemicals. 100% recyclable.

Silkscreen printing with water-based colours.

It is possible to use O-rings made of natural rubber extracted from the plant as diary closures. They also become coloured wearable bracelets.



The covers are made with a sheet of recycled PET, made by recycling selected, treated, washed and minced plastic bottles. Alisea’s R-PET sheet has been awarded the ReMade in Italy certification, the first trademark for products and materials that are recycled and reused in Italy; a trademark created to promote Italian sustainable industries. On request, you can add a cardboard pocket with a pen holder to the planner. You can customize the entire cover and elastic fastener. Customization: silk screen printing, digital printing, offset printing. On request you can add pages for business communications.

Agenda made of recycled PET riciclato for Carlo Riccò. Customisation options also include window sticker printing.

An example of customized silk screen printing.


Kufner Italia
It produces interlinings aimed at the fashion industry. The covers of Kufner diaries are made by Alisea using the production material provided by the company, but changing its intended use. The material supplied by Kufner is made of R-PET obtained from the recycling of the common post-consumer plastic bottles and it is customizable with high definition digital printing. 

The fabrics for the production of hidden spiral agendas are fully customizable with the customer’s design starting from a minimum order quanitity of 200 agendas.

Post-consumer plastic bottles are transformed into R-PET, a unique fabric that is also perfect for creating original covers.

Cover in R-PET fabric obtained from the recycling of common post-consumer plastic bottles.



Rubelli Venezia
“I was a trial run of a fabric being developed for the Rubelli collection. Now I am on the cover of the Rubelli agenda.”

Weekly planner with notebook and removable cover. A limited edition made using the exquisite fabric from the Rubelli collection. Every cover is different. The internal linings are silk, leftover from the production of fashionable coats, and for each cover the color was matched to that of the fabric.

Mr. Green Project
“We were scraps left over from the awnings manufacturing. Now we are the Mr. Green Project’s cover of a notebook”.
Removable agendas and notebook covers are entirely sewed with glue-free cotton thread.
Reuse and recovery of inevitable scraps from the manufacture of Gibus external awnings.
Customization by embroidered cotton label.

Examples of covers in different fabrics and patterns.

Mr. Green Buffetti
Detail of the internal cotton label and cotton thread along the edges.



The covers of Alisea’s Recycled Rubber planners are made of 90% recycled truck, bus and car tires. The edges are sewn using cotton thread. Customizable with silk screen or digital printing.

Possibility to add customizable elastic or tab and snap fasteners.

Weekly Pecso Cavi planner with notebook. Recycled rubber cover made from electric cables.



Between two thin layers of recycled PVC, the corporate branding is strengthened by using its own waste. The waste materials or leftovers of corporate clients, through a balanced mix of advanced technology and manual skill, become covers for agendas. The edges are sewn using cotton thread. Internal customization with monotone silk screen printing that tells the story of the waste product used. The interior can hold a weekly planner with notebook.

“I was a tourist map of the city of Turin destined to be destroyed, but now I am the cover of a planner.”

Internal Customization with description of the material recovered and incorporated.

Cover made with the recovery of food labels and packaging provided by the customer


Acque Bresciane
Desk calendar made for Acque Bresciane. The base is made of Kraft paper. The pages are made of recycled paper and printed on both sides (4 colours)

Deisa Ebano
Wall calendar made for Deisa Ebano, coordinated with the weekly agendas. The graphic is inspired by the sketches of the Corporate Historical Archive.

Desk calendar made for 900 Onlus.

Professional weekly planner in 8 different languages, entirely made of recycled paper. For CVA Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque –  the spiral matches with one of the institutional company colours. Inner pages have been personalized with the customer’s logo.