The Extras section presents some examples of Alisea’s flexibility in creating original and exclusive objects, some designed by the clients themselves. They involve the use of materials, such as steel or precious metals, that do not conform with Alisea’s recycling and reuse philosophy. Nearly twenty years of design and production experience in Italy make it possible for us to face any challenge in the field of corporate communication design, be it to launch new products, advertise an event or explain the company’s identity.


System Ceramics

Laptop holder crafted with Saffiano leather exclusively for System Ceramics.

Customisation: thermoprinting


Karl Storz

The leading company in the production of medical equipment and instruments that annually assigns recognition to those who have distinguished themselves for their professionalism and excellence, chooses as a prize the methacrylate plaque, inclusive of the of the Planisphere on Cibachrome paper has been included. The plate has been refined with the technique of satin finish and laser engraving.

Eso Recycling

The Vicenza-based company, specialized in the waste recycling sector, chooses as a special gift the methacrylate plate with a high level of transparency, with polished edges, inclusive of a photographic reproduction on Cibachrome paper and a printed hand-written message from the company’s CEO on the back.

Eso Recycling

Detail of the methacrylate edge.
Size: cm 20×20, height 3 cm.



Reducer, bronze sculpture,
limited edition, made for the company’s 50th anniversary.

Siab Bakery Award

For the exhibition dedicated to the world of baking, Alisea created sculptures as prizes for the international SIAB BAKERY AWARD. The sculptures were designed by DDM Advertising. Nine international teams of bakers participated in the competition, co-organized by Ente Fiera di Verona. The base is in hand-crafted Plexiglas. The sculptures were created using the lost-wax casting technique and the shape is that of an ear of corn, the symbol of the event.


TYPE D 1938, limited edition sculpture made using the lost-wax casting technique by the artist, Albano Poli.
It is a reproduction of the 1938 Audi Type D


Necklace made for Carle&Montanari. The colours of the pearls are those of the company logo, which can be seen on the central enameled medallion.

Clay Regazzoni Key ring
The key rings were made for the opening of the “Clay Regazzoni Memorial Room” museum in Pregassona – CH.
The two versions (steel and 925 silver) are models of the helmet of the famous pilot.
Modeled using the lost-wax casting technique, they were hand-finished and glazed red and white with a third firing.
The date of the inauguration of the Museum was inscribed on the back using a laser.
They were packed in a red velvet bag, closed with a golden metal band and a security seal.


Instead of the usual silk scarves, the saleswomen in some of Sony Italia’s stores now have necklaces with beads in the Sony corporate colors. The central enameled metal medallion bears the company logo and catch phrase. The chain is made of hypoallergenic metal with a convenient snap-hook fastener.

The necklace made for Sacmi is a hypoallergenic chain with a snap-hook fastener.

Necklace made for Carle&Montanari. The colors of the pearls are those of the company logo, which can be seen on the central enameled medallion.


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is one of the most popular trade fairs for furniture and design in the world. For the 2014 edition, Gibus invented and introduced the philosophy of the Sun Room. Consequently all the communication followed this concept and it guided the R&D in the search for innovative solutions. Their stand at the 2014 fair says it all: a bright stand, alive, full of light and in the color that most characterizes them: the yellow of the Sun Room! Gibus asked Alisea to create yellow recorders that they invited their guests to play in the Sun Room, accompanied by Gibus’ soundtrack: Let the Sunshine in.


At Made Expo 2013, yellow footprints on the floor led the visitors into the Gibus pavilion. Many of them brought home the gadget made for the occasion: the bags and the Sun Room flip-flops.

Giorgia GiordanEXTRAS