R|cuoio (Releather) objects uses a material made from scraps of leather shavings, tanned by the addition of natural rubber. It is as soft and elastic to the touch as the original raw material.

In the Alisea collection there are different objects, from business folders to notepad holders, from notebooks to pen holders. Objects designed with technical skill, craftsmanship and elegance. R | CUOIO is available in charcoal grey (from trimmings of dark leather) and havana brown (from trimmings of light leather).

“By choosing an item from Alisea’s R|cuoio range you are not contributing to the consumption of virgin raw materials, particularly those of animal origin”.

“Working with scraps of leather was one of Alisea’s first challenges because, as we live in Vicenza, we are familiar with the world of the tanneries and the amount of inevitable waste that is produced by this process.
Finding a creative way to use a material that, until then, had been only been used to create support structures inside leather products seemed like a great opportunity for those who, like us, want to develop sustainable design. We therefore wanted to transform what was perceived as a waste product into an object of value. A goal that was quickly achieved thanks to a craftsman who had realized the potential of this material and had already begun to work on re-using it. An interesting collaboration was born with this enlightened entrepreneur leading to the first R|cuoio items being produced at the end of the nineties. It is a successful material which is, by far, the most used by Alisea“


R|tote in R|cuoio light grey colour. Available in 45 × 30 + 15 or 58 × 34 + 15 cm sizes, handles to choose between short (35 cm) and long (70 cm). Customized formats available upon customer’s request.

R|tote in R|cuoio customized thanks to digital printing. The size was realized following customer’s exigencies.

R|case in R|cuoio havana brown colour and light grey colour. Available formats: 33×24 cm, 22X16 cm and 28×20 cm. Possibility to create a customized size and to choose the color of the slider, the zip closure and the seams.

R|bag in R|cuoio havana brown colour, size cm 30 x 40 with short handles (35 cm). Also available in the 43 × 45 size and with long handles (70 cm). It is possible to design a model with ad hoc measures based on the customer’s request.

R|bag in R|cuoio havana brown colour, size 43×45 with long handles (70cm)

R|case in R|cuoio, size 33 × 24 cm. The colour of the zip and the slider matches the colour of the customer’s logo. Possibility of 360 ° customization.


Anthracite grey R|cuoio document holder with double elastic closure system. Different elastic colours available upon customer’s request.

Folder with perimeter coloured zip as per customer’s request.

The surface of the folder is molded (embossed) with a texture that mimics the “grain” of buffalo hide. The edges are painted by hand with vegetable-based colours and the outer seams are made of cotton thread. Zipper closure.

Document holder with notepad pocket, pen holder and pocket for catalogues. Possibility to customize the interior with different size pockets upon customer’s needs.

Folder with zip closure system. Inside there are a notepad pocket, a catalogue and documents pocket and a pen holder.
We also create two spaces perfect for business cards.

Detail of the internal layout of the folder. Upon request it is possible to insert a notepad made of recycled paper or paper from different sustainable supply chains. Also the notepad can be customized.


Grey R|cuoio folder case, with snap button fastener. Size cm 35x25x2.

Grey and havana brown R|cuoio folder. Available in two different formats: long shoulder strap and 24 hour short handle.

Multipurpose folder in R | cuoio anthracite grey colour, shoulder strap in cotton.

Each folder shows the ecological mission of the project on the back.


Spiral notebook with R|cuoio cover havana brown colour. The 90 inner pages are made of light recycled paper. A5 format. Different formats available upon request.
Customization: hot stamping with or without color, silkscreen printing, digital printing.

Carlo Riccò
Notebook with hidden spiral, cover in R|cuoio anthracite colour. Silkscreen printing customization.

Notebook with removable cover. Customization with black colour hot stamping technique. The colours of the seams have been chosen by the customer.

Possibility to customize inner pages with the customer’s corporate communication.

Led Taxand
Possibility to choose elastic closure system.

Each cover shows the ecological mission of the project on the back.


Bologna Art Hotels
Ring binder in R|cuoio customized with hot stamping without color and hot stamping with red color.

Bologna Art Hotels
Detail of the material texture and the hot stamping without color.


The desk set consists of a memo holder cube (dimensions 10x10x10 cm), pen holder cube (dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 10.5 cm), all one memo holder (dimensions 16x19x3 cm) and pocket notepad with elastic closure.

Grey R|cuoio storage tray with coloured seams and edges 25×11.5 cm.

Foglia, leaf-shaped pen holder with button closure and silver hot stamping.

Storage tray in R|cuoio havana brown colour. The surface is printed (embossed) with a texture that mimics the “grain” of buffalo hide.
The edges are painted by hand with vegetable-based colours and the outer seams are made of cotton thread.
Sizes 20×20 cm and 30×30 cm.


Car document holder with pen holder and space for business and loyalty cards. Button closure system.

Ipad case
Ipad case made of R|cuoio anthracite grey colour. Edge seam sewn using Cañete cotton, inside lined with anti-shock “3D net” padding. Customization: Hot stamping, silk screen printing, digital printing.

Detail of the stitching that matches customer’s logo colour.

Mobile case
Grey R|cuoio mobile case.