R | Carta (R | Paper) is a line of products conceived according to advanced design criteria with 100% recycled paper. Upon request, R|carta Objects can be customized with different papers from sustainable supply chains, such as Carta Paglia, Kraft, Ecophilosophy, Alga, Mela, Crush (particular types of paper),  corrugated cardboard (Breeze) and honeycomb cardboard (Nido).

“A notebook made of recycled paper in the mid-90s, a gift from a kind neighbour , was the spark that started Alisea’s journey into the world of recycled materials. It was the inspiration that led to the first experiments in sustainable design with projects that transformed recycled products into valuable raw materials.”


Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook is an integrated writing system. Simple and innovative, it was born in Italy from the symbiosis of two different technologies applied to circular economy materials: steel and graphite. The cover of the notebook hides inside a thin AISI 403 steel strip (60% coming from the recovery and recycling of metal scraps) which magnetically attracts to itself Perpetua the pencil.

The cover of Perpetua recorder is made of Ecophilosophy paper, a special type of paper that combines an elegant embossed finish with incredible wear and moisture resistance. The 100% pure cellulose paper has FSC-CW certification as it comes from sustainable farming; it is water-resistant and fully recyclable.

Inner pages are made of recycled paper, printed in an Italian production plant powered by a latest generation photovoltaic system which contributes to a CO2 reduction of 760,000 kg / year.

Customizable cover and inner pages upon customersequest. Dimension: cm 15×21. Inner pages: 128 sheets, 100% recycled paper

Perpetua Recorder The Magnetic Notebook. 2001: A Space Odyssey
The cover is inspired by the “rotating set” of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The graphic created by the Designer Marta Giardini is property of Alisea and it’s avaiable on request for our customers and it’s further customizable with logos or writings. Packaging: handmade cardboard box with lid.

Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook is the official gift of the fifth edition of TEDXVicenza 2019. A highly innovative object in full harmony with TEDx values. Recorder is the result of patents and innovative technologies combined with the creativity and genius Italian minds.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Exclusively for its first anniversary, Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery in Milan chose Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook. Recorder becomes, for the occasion, a tribute to the fine Palladian flooring of the historical Palazzo delle Poste in Piazza Cordusio in Milan.

Perpetua Recorder The Magnetic Notebook: Traces
The graphic created by the Designer Marta Giardini is property of Alisea and it’s avaiable on request for our customers.

“The section of a trunk, the exposed heart of a rock split in half, the footprints on the sand of an elusive creature. Every trace connects us to everything else.”

Acciaierie Valbruna
Perpetua Recorder can be matched with an elegant handmade cardboard box, 100% recyclable.

Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook, graphic ideas developed for Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Cirfood and Cerved.


One is an innovative integrated writing system that uses an original solution as pen case (patented). The materials with which it is made derive from the recovery and recycling of post-consumer paper, in order not to cut down any trees. ONE always lives with its pen, which is also fully customizable and Made in Italy.

Upon request, One provides a closing system that uses two O-Rings, to be chosen from the 8 available colors. The two O-rings are made of natural rubber and colored with ingredients of mineral or vegetable origin. Originally only black hydraulic seals, the O-rings are redesigned for the first time by Alisea, becoming also multi-colored bracelets to wear.

Customizable cover and inner pages upon customers’ request. Dimension: cm 15 × 21. Inner pages: 100% recycled paper.

Basilica Palladiana
One can be customized on the outer and the inner (on both sides) of the cover. For Basilica Palladiana Edition, the inner cover was customized with a quote from the architect Andrea Palladio.

Arcese and Citemos
One, graphic ideas developed for Citemos Confartigianato – National Festival City of Technology for Sustainable Mobility and Arcese – a leading Italian company in transport.

Detail of the dedicated “retractable” pen case, created for an original integrated writing system.


One notebook, two uses. Think one, Think two is a double reversible notebook that can be opened on two sides. A third inner cover create a larger surface for corporate communication. A horizontal elastic is provided as a closing system for the notebook.

Customizable cover and inner pages upon customers’ request. Dimensions: cm 14,8×21 and cm 17×24. Inner pages: 64 + 64 sheets, 100% recycled paper

Think one Think two is customizable in all the colours of the Sirius cardboard of Fedrigoni paper mill. The FSC certificate is made of pure cellulose and coloured in mass with pigments really light-resistant.

Cover in Sirio orange cardboard. Interior with white sheets. 64 pages.


Allianz Global Servicies
A single cover, six different possibilities of customization. The interiors are made of 90 grams recycled paper.

Vegetable-tanned leather
Different techniques of customization for the cover and the interiors of Think one Think two.

Cover in Sirio yellow cardboard. Personalized interior with lines. Red elastic closure. AQUA pen in 100% post-consumer recycled PET.



Notes is made of ecological recycled paper that comes from selected recycled pulp free from chlorine or derivatives. It has rounded corners and a closure system with elastic band, applied with two rivets on the cover.

Customizable cover and inner pages upon request. Dimension: cm 14,8×21. Inner pages: 128 sheets, 100% recycled paper.

The outer and the inner of Notes (both sides of the cover) cover can be customized with customer’s communication. For the outer side, Arclinea chose a minimal design, for the inner side it created a continuum with a photographic image.

Clima Veneta
For the cover of Notes, Clima Veneta chose a silver print that gives it an iridescent effect.

Detail of metal rivets used for the closure system with elastic band.



Spillo cover can be made with Ecophilosophy paper, FSC-CW certified. A unique relief paper – 100% pure cellulose, water-repellent and totally recyclable, made in the 1960s and originally designed to contain heavy and moist products such as flour, wheat and cement. Inner pages are made of 100% recycled paper. No trees have been cut down for its production.

Customizable cover and inner pages upon customers’ request. Dimensions: cm 14,8×21. Inner pages: 32 sheets, 100% recycled paper

Spillo cover and first page can be customized with customer’s corporate communication. Upon request, it is possible to create a kit consisting of Spillo and Perpetua the pencil, the only in the world made with 80% graphite powder recovered from industrial processes.

Alfabeto for Colours and Beauty
Alfabeto the notebook is a special project born from the collaboration with Tipoteca Italiana, a foundation and a museum that aims to protect the historical heritage of Italian typography. The cover of Alfabeto, created by designer Franco Chiani, shows the design of 12 typographic fonts: from Bodoni of the late 18th century, to Ornato of the second half of the 19th century, up to Fontanesi of 1954. Alfabeto is a limited edition entirely produced in Italy. 

Detail of Ecophilosophy paper and metallic stitch on the cover.


Spillo is printed only with ecological inks, in a production plant powered by a latest generation photovoltaic system which contributes to a CO2 reduction of 760,000 kg/year.


Our binders are made of Ecophilosophy, a special paper that combines an elegant embossed finish with incredible wear and moisture resistance. The 100% cellulose paper has FSC-CW certification as it comes from sustainable farming. it is water repellent and totally recyclable. 

Customizable cover and inner pages upon customers’ request. The internal locking mechanism can be customized according to the customer’s storage needs.

Hotel Excelsior Lido Venice Resort
The silk-screened gold customization of the cover matches the colour of the famous Venetian hotel logo.

Binders graphic ideas developed for Hotel Excelsior Lido Venice Resort and Hotel Arcimboldi.



Alisea rethinks the alveolar cardboard and transforms it into Nido, the original line of Communicating Objects.

In the ​​packaging industry, honeycomb cardboard is increasingly in demand because it is easily disposable. It is environmentally friendly, versatile, lightweight but strong and enhances the content with originality.

Nido objects are modular so it is possibile to obtain different thicknesses, also by using colored felt inserts. They are excellent communication tools as they are customizable with graphics and texts on the entire surface.

Nido becomes an original object holder. The box has been designed with a hidden magnetic closure to achieve a minimal and elegant design.

Use Nido for your shipping or as a display.

Gibus interlocking airplanes, created for Salone del Mobile event.

Nido for Tommy Hilfiger
Nido becomes a simple and innovative display.

Detail of the red felt insert.

Rackets and ball available in different colours, with the possibility of customization.


The Communicating Objects in papier-mâché are made with the recovery and reuse of disused newspapers and magazines. To create this objects we use a special glue made of water and flour, a unique mold made with jute and water and water-based colours. All the handcraft production is made by a social cooperative whose primary purpose is the human enhancement and social integration of people with disabilities through the promotion of the papier-mâché culture and the recovery of local traditions.


The WWF papier-mâché Pandas are made by recovering the old “Pandagift” magazines

The WWF Panda before the colouring process

Once finished, WWF pandas are ready to be numbered, certified and packaged.

Disused WWF magazines sheets are crushed into small pieces with the addition of glue (made with water and flour), then pressed by hand into plaster molds, and finally left to dry.

Panda colouring process is made entirely by hand with water-based colours.

1600 alive pandas in the world, 1600 limited edition pandas made by Alisea. Each panda has a numbered certificate of authenticity.


The Marsican bear is at risk of extinction: there are only 50 specimens in the wild. 50 like the papier-mâché Marsican bears that Alisea has made from the recovery and reuse of old WWF Pandagift magazines. This project is part of the WWF 2 × 50 initiative: double the population of Marsican Bears by 2050 because… “The bear is an adventure, a fairy tale, a legend, a continuation of an ancient life, if it would disappear we will all feel a little more poor and sad”

Alisea’s WWF Marsican Bears go around Italy: from Vicenza, passing through the special on the WWF Oasis of Rai Tre and Mattino5 to Piazza Montecitorio in Rome.

50 WWF Marsican bears in papier-mache made by Alisea in Piazza Montecitorio (Rome) to ask the institutions to work for their future, avoiding the risk of extinction.