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Perpetua – The Pencil at the Italian Makers Village

During the five days dedicated to the INNOVATION, guests will get to know better Perpetua – The Pencil, the only Italian made using recycled graphite powder recovered from an industrial process.

On Sunday 10th, at 4 pm, in the meeting room of Italian Makers Village don’t miss “Meet the Designer and Inventor”, an event organized by Perpetua where will have the chance also to live the Google Glass Experience, a 360 ┬░ sensory experience that will truly immerse you in the world of Perpetua: a ‘writing object’ with a core technologic but also a true ecological and creative┬áspirit.

Italian Makers Village, Via Tortona 32 in Milan: follow the event on the Facebook page by clicking here

Mike PiredduPerpetua – The Pencil at the Italian Makers Village
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