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Perpetua – The Pencil & New Holland Agriculture

Like New Holland Agriculture that has always been committed to providing efficient, sustainable and productive agricultural equipment, Perpetua – The Pencil is groundbreaking in the recycling process: innovative, technologically excellent, clean, non-toxic, with no glues and coatings added. Both can be defined as really revolutionary in their respective worlds. Perpetua – The Pencil is long-lasting, almost “perpetual”, as its name suggests. It doesn’t break when dropped, it writes even without a tip, it’s 100% made in Italy, registered under an European patent both as a product and a production process. The peculiar decorative cover of Perpetua Special Edition for New Holland is composed of creek’s sand, sifted and cleaned, and flakes of recycled colored aluminium. The natural elastic rubber of Perpetua – New Holland packaging is a bracelet, perfect for collection fans.

You can purchase Perpetua – New Holland at the Sustainable Farm Pavilion’s shop at Expo 2015 and on the New Holland Style website, together with other branded recycled objects designed by Alisea.

New Holland Agriculture & Perpetua, Together We Draw the Future.

Mike PiredduPerpetua – The Pencil & New Holland Agriculture
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