Biodegradabile plastic from renewable sources

This particular plastic is a modern material part of the bioplastic family composed by plant substances, such as cornstarch, and biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable raw materials. The added value of this material is to be completely biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432 legislation. Thanks to its characteristics, today we can create solutions and objects with a reduced environmental impact on everyday life.
The bioplastic used in the production of Cicara® is a raw material that does not go in conflict with the production of corn intended for food for human / animal consumption.

“We just revolutionized the coffee break, nothing extraordinary.” 

A moment of pleasure and relax, a safe haven where you can enjoy a break even in the middle of the most hectic days, to relax and recharge. Cicara® is the solution to reduce the environmental impact of your coffee break without compromising the quality or taste of beverages. A small object with a big mission: to eliminate disposable cups used in vending and coffee machines, at home or in the office. 

Cicara® is composed of two materials: a biodegradable, compostable cornstarch-based bioplastic, and food-grade Aisi 316L inox steel – low carbon – formed through a process know as deep drawing and treated to be compatible with any type of food or drink.  Cicara® is completely produced in Italy. 

On the bottom of the cover you’ll find a hot spot, that allows you to easily check the temperature of the beverage you are drinking. Cicara® is customizable on its round side up to 270°GREENGUARD Gold certified inks are used to maintain low chemical emissions.

Cicara® – 120 mlis compatible with vending and coffee machines, at home or in the office. 

The external cover, bioplastic based, has been designed to keep your hands away from the heat and, at the same time, thanks to the air chamber between the cover and the inner cup helps to maintain your drink’s temperature.

Cicara® is the solution to reduce the environmental impact of your coffee break without compromising the quality or taste of beverages. A small object with a big mission: to eliminate disposable cups used in vending and coffee machines, at home or in the office. 

Examples of customized Cicara®. Cicara® is available in the following colors: white, pink, fuchsia, red, yellow, light blue, blue, dark green, black. 

Algae Paper Packaging – Favini Paper Mill – a unique paper that uses 18% of algae recovered from Venice lagoon. It’s printed with biodegradable inks so that it’s 100% recyclable, self-assembly, without the use of glues.


Every year millions of plastic bottles for beverages are produced. The materiai with which they are made is called PET. lt is lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable. After the garbage is divided, washed and ground to flakes and granules, which are called R-PET, many items can be produced such as covers for notebooks, rulers, school and office accessories, calendars, packaging, advertising signs and conference lanyards.
Alisea’s R-PET sheet has been awarded the ReMade in ltaly certiflcation, the flrst trademark for products and materials that are recycled and reused in ltaly; a trademark createci to promote ltalian sustainable industries.
“We started to use the sheets when, in 2010, a customer asked us to create a personalized notebook with a cover made from recycled bottles.
We discovered that, at the time, there was no one in ltaly that produced R-PET sheets. By using our own factory and working with recyclers and granule producers, we were able to produce a clear rigid sheet of a suitable thickness. With the satisfaction of having not only createci a beautiful product, but also contributed, in our own small way, to promoting the use of a materiai that is now used in the packaging of the retail and the vending industries:·


From the correct recovery and recycling of 35 plastic bottles, PET _IT comes to life!
More than 100 millions of plastic bottles are used and thrown away every day. Alisea contributes to their recovery and recycling with PET _IT, the backpack made of post-consumer recycled PET. PET _IT is customizable with customer’s logo.

PET _IT is Global Recycled Standard certified. lt has internal and external pockets, two pouches for bottles, an exit for earphones and a USB port for devices charging.

Detail of the USB port for devices charging

Allianz Global lnvestors, always commited to social and environmental issues, was the first to choose PET _IT, recycling a tota I of 3500 plastic botti es! PET _IT has been customized with the customer’s logo and with a special label that expresses the company’s commitment to sustainability.


“I was a plastic bottle… now I am your Mask Holder”

In the race to get surgical masks, no one seems to have tought where to put it when we do not wear it. We tought about it! We created Mask Holder, the surgical mask case, made in PET from the recovery and recycling of post-consumption plastic bottles.

The correct storage of our masks helps us to significantly reduce the possibility of infection. Not throwing the mask away in the environment means preventing the mask to become a problem for our planet and the people who inhabit it.

The recycled PET sheet is certified Remade in Italy. Mask Holder is 100% Made in Italy. Dimensions: 9 cm x 6 cm.

Mask Holder is customizable with your logo or corporate communication using silk-screen printing.

It is supplied inside a reusable transparent envelope. It has a FSC paper packaging with the instructions for the use.

Instructions for a correct use of Mask Holder


Self-closing recycled PET boxes, made and designed according to the specific needs of the customer.
Customizable with silk screen, offset or digital printing.
The packaging can be provided flat-packed to minimize transport and storage costs.

Jova Beach Party
“I was a PET bottle, correctly recovered and recycled I became the case of the Jova Beach Party 33 rpm record”

Calzanetto Deisa Ebano recycled PET packaging.

The first eco-friendly packaging made from a sheet of transparent R-PET, a material made from the plastic bottles used in vending machines. The packaging has received the Packaging for Vending stamp, certifying the suitability of the product for vending machines.


A4 clipboard with aluminum clip, complete with recycled-paper notepad and pen holder. Optional pen made from recycled car headlights.
Recycled PET with a clear finish.
Customization: silk screen, offset or digital printing.

Ordine degli Architetti di Verona (Association of Architects of Verona).
Clipboard with a reproduction of historical image.


Acegas Aps

Recycled plastic notepad folder
with recycled paper and pen holder.
Surface silk screen printing.

R-PET notepad holder and briefcase

Biennale Architettura di Venezia (Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia)

Recycled plastic notepad folder with recycled paper and Headlight pen made from recycled red car headlights.


Recycled transparent PET cover made from recycled plastic bottles.
Notebook sizes A4, A5, A6
Customized 100% recycled paper inside with offset printing on all pages.
Customized cover: full-page silk screen printing in one color.

The covers of the notebooks can be personalized as can each sheet of paper inside. Possibility of choosing the color of the spiral binding and elastic fastener.


In late 2013, the Sanpellegrino Group, along with the Nestlé Vera and Levissima brands, launched the second edition of R-Generation, a project to raise awareness about recycling plastics, aimed at primary school pupils and their families. The event, sponsored by the local municipalities and organized in partnership with the municipal waste management companies in Milan, Rome and Naples, involved over 100 schools and 50,000 pupils. The project involved the distribution of kits to the teachers of classes III, IV and V (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) with useful lessons to illustrate plastic recycling to the children.
All the children were given a ruler made by Alisea from recycled PET, in partnership with ToDo, an agency in Milan specialized in local and unconventional marketing (1\2 a plastic water bottle reused for each ruler).
Customized 4-color printing with the logos of the brands of the group.

Acegas Aps recycled PET ruler with customized silk screen printing in one color.


Made from Italian recycled and certified (AZOFree) PET fabric, they are customized using water-based inks. The safety hooks and carabiners are made from recycled material and are nickel-free. Each strap has a label that certifies the quality of the recycled PET.

Examples of silk screen printing and clip.

Second life plastic certification.


Using recycled cups from two canteens of the Banca Popolare di Milano, plastic granules are produced to create other objects.
In fact, with the “QUESTIONE DI GESTI” project, the 485,000 plastic cups used each year will be given a new life and transformed into briefcases, notebooks, money boxes or waste paper baskets.

Recycled BPM PP house-shaped money box.
Can also be used as a pen holder.
100% post-consumer recycled plastic, 100% recyclable.

Folder with shoulder strap (prototype).


Desk accessory collection made by recycling car, motorcycle and truck reflectors and headlights. Washed, ground and reduced to granules, the material is used to create the Headlight desk accessories and pens. Available in red, orange and crystal, they can also be made in the color requested by the customer by using transparent methacrylate.
All the desk accessories have “I was a car reflector” written on them and are certified ReMade in Italy, the first brand for products and materials that are recycled and reused in Italy; a trademark created to promote Italian sustainable industries.
The ReMade in Italy brand includes information about the sustainability characteristics of the material and the product, in terms of savings in raw materials, energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Headlight pen holder size 5.3×10.5 cm (2.09×4.13 in).
Headlight memo notepad holder size 12x9x2.5 cm (4.72×3.54×0.98 in) and 7x7x7 cm (2.76×2.76×2.76 in).
The note block is made of 100% recycled paper.
All the Headlight desk accessories have the message “I WAS A CAR REFLECTOR” printed on them.


“I was an Air France 2018 campaign advertising banner … Now I am your mousepad”

Mousepads made from the recovery and reuse of 2018 Air France campaign PVC advertising banners.

The limited edition SONY BEAUTY CASES are made from the PVC billboard poster (size 10.5×11.5 m – 34.45×37.73 ft) removed at the end of the “SONY INTERNET TV” publicity campaign.
After collecting, cleaning and sanitizing the poster, it was cut and sewn by hand to create beauty cases. They are unique pieces that will be a constant reminder in time and in the collective memory of their event and place of origin.
A customized label inside the case tells the story of the object along with the name and date of the campaign.

“I was the PVC poster for the Sony Internet TV advertising campaign. Now I am your beauty case”.


Genus Bononiae
Pencil cases made from the PVC banners and posters advertising the Museum of the History of Bologna.

Genus Bononiae
Key ring
Metal ring.
Each piece is unique and includes the date and name of the campaign.

Computer Bag
We use seat belts from old cars to make the shoulder straps.