Natural materials are those that are used as they are found in nature.


From the recycled material new products are born from waste that have finished their life cycle.


Material that combines natural fiber with recycled paper that wants to be an innovative and sustainable alternative.



The Gabardine cotton bags are light but strong. Designed and produced in Italy using 280/350 g fabric, they are stitched using cotton or polypropylene thread. The entire bag can be customized using natural inks. All the bags have a cotton “Born in Italy” label.

“Cotton is a vegetable fiber obtained using mature heads of the plant and has been used since ancient times, not only for clothing, but also for making light and breathable bags for rice, cereals, flours and salt. Unfortunately, after many centuries of success, the crisis hit and now the production of food bags has become extremely rare. And then we appeared on the scene. Why not listen to a small stubborn company that is determined to make bags from bales of fabric without producing any waste material? The result is our wonderful shopping bags with a shoulder strap: a perfect project that uses every inch of fabric”.

The yarn is available in red, green, yellow, blue, orange, tobacco and Havana brown.

All the jute ecobags have the cotton “Born in Italy” label.



For the production of our g_bag – where “g” stands for graphite – we decided to use a cotton canvas – 300 gr – produced in Italy with Kitotex® technology. The technology, born thanks to a patent deposited and patented by Dipartimento Canepa Evolution, has been able to revolutionize the world of yarns and fabrics and, above all, of textile finishing. By recycling the exoskeletons of crustaceans, waste of the food industry, we recover “chitosan”, a biocompatible biodegradable material – derived from chitin – able to replace polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), whether it is used in an aqueous dispersion, or is used as a reinforcing yarn. The use of chitosan is the base of Kitotex® dyieing method, a method that significantly reduces the environmental impact of the process.

This allows to reduce up to 12 times water consumption and 90% of energy consumption (CNR Biella certification). Additionally, this reduces the use of detergents, bleachings and other chimical agents, all for the benefit of consumer and environmental wellness.

G_bag brings on its front side the writing: Dyded with: recycled graphite! Customizable through silk-screen printing on the front or on its back with logos, writings, drawings.
Size: cm 42x30x6 about. Handle: cm 7,5 about.
G_bag is characterised by:
• Unique shade of grey not obtainable with any chemical dyeing system;
• the softness, obtained thanks to the lubricating properties of graphite;
• a single coat, not replicable, due to the abrasive characteristics of the graphite powder;
• great weight and tensile strength.



The photoluminescence consists of minerals and rare earths capable of capturing light, and then illuminate in the dark in a magical blue or green light, with decreasing intensity up to 6 hours. Its characteristics remain constant forever.

Light Bag
Thanks to the photoluminescent pigments with which it is made, its design absorbs the sun’s rays and radiates them in the dark, returning an intense blue light. A unique object able not only to produce clean energy, but also to respond in a no ordinary way to the safety of those who move on foot, by bike or by scooter, during the night.



Alisea for Fusarte and Arclinea
One-shoulder printed with g_ink, the first and only pigment made with recovered graphite powder that offers a perfect alternative to the use of chemical dyes in screen printing on fabrics. All the graphics that Alisea creates for Fusarte are designed exclusively for museum bookshops and shows the monument or the most important artistic work present in them.


Alisea for Texaid

Alisea for Texaid
This bag was created for Texaid’s “Save the fucking world” recycling project. The fabric is a 50% blend of post-consumer textile waste that our client Texaid collected in Germany and Switzerland. White cotton fabrics that can no longer be worn were sorted at the client’s sorting facility, while the remaining 50% is plastic waste recovered from the ocean. The bag was manufactured in Italy. Recycled cotton and polyester fibers recycled into a yarn.

The care label and flag label (made of recycled polyester) and an NFC chip from were integrated into the product. All components were then sewn together by us.



Trabucca is a cotton shopper covered with the recovery of unused fishermen’s nets. Nets are guade dyed, a craft dyeing technique used to dye fabrics blue, which extracts natural pigment from a plant.

Our cotton shopper

Orto Botanico
Orto Botanico has chosen our cotton gabardine shoppers because they don’t produce any waste in their construction and the seams are made with the technique of stitching salt bags of the Italian salt tradition.

This shopper was made entirely in Italy in untreated cotton. The size of the shopper has been designed to have no waste of fabric and to contain the Melegatti pandoro.

Canada Goose e Initial – Maxi size
Our shoppers are also available in maxi size and different colors of cotton, upon customer request.


Jute, traditionally used for the production of bags for the agri-food industry, is a natural fiber that is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and highly resistant. It is an ideal material for making bags that can hold a significant weight thanks, in part, to the polypropylene thread seam. Jute is available in its natural colour or it can be coloured, upon request, with Pantone colors. Customized with silk screen printing using water-based inks.

The yarn is available in red, green, yellow, blue, orange, tobacco and Havana brown.

All the jute ecobags have the cotton “Born in Italy” label.


Alisea for Caffitaly

Alisea for Caffitaly
To make this bag we reused jute bags employed in the transport of green coffee beans from coffee farms to Caffitaly plants. Caffitaly, in collaboration with Alisea, dediced to support the environment with creativity birth to materials otherwise destined.

Lucaffé, a dynamic company with a strong ecological conviction, chose the one-shoulder bag in Juta. Made to measure, it contains the coffee machine lapiccola and other products of the company, to bring the bar comfortably in the house.

One-shoulder bag in jute printed using g_ink, the first and only pigment made with recovered graphite powder that offers a perfect alternative to the use of chemical dyes in screen printing on fabrics.

One-shoulder bag in jute, 100% recyclable. Customized with silk screen printing using water-based inks.

Mega Shopper with two straps with colored polypropylene thread seams. Different sizes upon customer request.


Our R | CUOIO collection talks about design, sustainability and craftsmanship quality, values ​​that guide our work from more than 25 years. R | CUOIO used by Alisea is produced using the leftover leather from the Italian footwear industry that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.  R | CUOIO objects are sewn in Italy with cotton thread without the use of glue. They are customized with digital printing or hot printing in full respect of the environment. Available in charcoal gray or havana brown colours.

Our Ricuoio shopper

The Shopper and the case were customized with the digital printing technique reproducing the artwork of the Dutch artist Sandra Jacobs. Both the size of the shopper and the pochette were made to measure according to the customer’s needs.

For Arredoquattro, Alisea created the shopper made of 100% regenerated leather from the Italian footwear supply chain. Customizable all-over print.


These shopping bags are made with a special type of paper that combines an elegant embossed finish with incredible wear, moisture resistance and weight capacity. Every shopping bag is entirely sewn round the edge and on the handles using only cotton thread, available in a variety colors, and without using any kind of glue. The bag is completely recyclable. The 100% pure cellulose paper has FSC-CW certification as it comes from sustainable farming; it is water-resistant and fully recyclable.

“We discovered the potential of using this unique type of paper thanks to a customer who, after a long period of research and devoting his own time and energy and that of his collaborators to the task, finally managed to find a way to print on it perfectly. When he told us, we could see the happiness and pride in his eyes. They shone like those of a person who had achieved something that they had been working on for a long time.”

“The paper was created in the sixties to be used exclusively in the production of industrial bags that could hold both agricultural materials, such as grain, flour and vineyard waste, and building materials, such as cement or hydraulic glue. Products that contained a high degree of moisture and that had to be kept in bags that could support approximately fifty kilograms, resist wear, tear and abrasion, and that at the same time could breathe naturally. The paper was designed and manufactured to meet all these requirements, and also, thanks to the rough, embossed finish, several bags could be stacked on top of each other without slipping.
A beautiful type of paper that we immediately fell in love with. It was the perfect material to make a unique, beautiful and strong shopping bag for our customers.”


Alisea for Rubelli

Four-color printing and side gusset. Your designs can be printed over the entire e_shopper, including handles, using vegetable-based inks. Photographic reproduction on Ecophilosophy paper of the Venetian brocade produced by the company. For a limited edition of 50 specimens, the handles of the Rubelli shopper were made using the real fabric, while the body of the shopper remained in Ecophilosophy paper.

Our shopper in ecophilosophy paper

Listone Giordano, BNY Mellon and Architecture Festival
The Margaritelli group has chosen the ecophilosophy shoppers for the Listone Giordano and Listone Giordano Arena shops. For the investment fund BNY Mellon Alisea has created a coordinate image with three different subjects.

Tiarè – Mini shopper
Mini shopper in ecophilosophy paper with 2 handles created for the inauguration of the Tiarè beauty center. Lateral gussets and without the use of glue. Various sizes available upon request.

Io Abito Bio – Origami
The Origami bag is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding and is made from a single sheet of Ecophilosophy embossed paper, folded back upon itself. The lateral folding allows a significant increase in capacity.

Rubelli – Origami
The Origami shopper is sewn using cotton thread along the top edge and on the handles. The color of the stitching matches that of the bag.

Our Ecophilosophy Zip case

Zip case is realized in Ecophilosopy paper, an emboseed paper, sewed with cotton thread along the outer edges. The colour of the seams and the zip can be matched to that of the case.

Zip case always reports the communication of the material with which it was made. 100% recyclable, made in Italy.

Zip case is an elegant, resistant and pratical clutch. Suitable for documents, cosmetics and everyday objects. E_case can be print on the entire surface with ecological water-based inks. No glue is used in the creation of this product. Various sizes available on request.


JACRON is the material we used for the new line of the 2015 Alisea Shopping Bags. It was created in the ‘90s for jeans labels and all the leading casual clothing brands, especially from the US, were its main clients. It principal characteristics include: it can be printed with any technique, it is resistant to repeated washing and seams. All these are quite unusual for a paper product like Jacron.
Jacron is water-resistant with good weight capacity and fully recyclable.

“We took advantage of these technical properties and, thanks to the intuition that one of our leather specialists had, we started to develop a range of products based on this material. It is so versatile that it can be handled and transformed with tanning techniques. Thanks to this we could use it in different sectors from the one it had been originally conceived for.”

The material is made with virgin pulp mixed with latexes and binding agents that make it stronger and more resistant. The finished product is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and can be recycled too.

Our Jacron shopper

Milano Unica
For the various edition of the Salone Italiano del Tessile comes the Jack Bag by Milano Unica. Cotton thread and cotton handles. No glue and paint for its production.

Ideal Standard
Catalogs case made of white Jacron, with rounded corners and entirely made of cotton thread without the use of glue.

B&B Italia
Catalogs case that can be used as a computer bag thanks to its size and materials.

Our Jacron Zip case

Zip case is realized in Jacron paper, with zip closure, entirely sewed with cotton thread along the outer edges. The colour of the seams and the zip can be matched to that of the case.

Zip case always reports the communication of the material with which it was made. 100% recyclable, made in Italy.