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Perpetua Back To School & Work

It’s for those people who want lo live in a cleaner and healthier environment, it is for both left and right handed and for all of those who do not want to get their hands dirty when they write.

Perpetua was created to fit both hands, now you just have to choose your sharpener.

Perpetua Back To School And Work

No tree has been cut down to produce Perpetua – The Pencil and no vanish coatings were used. It is made of an innovative patented material, created with 80% recovered graphite that prevents it from getting your hands dirty.

The chosen sharpener is made by Stabilo, the first company that created a complete ergonomic range of products both for right and left handed, to teach the kids the correct grip.



Two different sharpeners: the yellow one for the left handed and red sharpener for right handed: The Back To School & Work has never been so unique and original!

Mike PiredduPerpetua Back To School & Work
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