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Alisea and #SognareInnovare

Mitsubishi Motors Italy has chosen to share its growth, based on innovation and eco-sustainability, with Italian companies that have made innovation as their essence. The result is a collaboration that aims to amplify the message of those innovators, innovator that consider environment as a priority.

Same values grew up in different situations, this is #SognareInnovare.

The idea of #SognareInnovare comes from  Mitsubishi Motors Italia that supports innovation-oriented technology, giving visibility to Italians innovators who have realized a dream.

#Sognareinnovare is a website designed to tell Italian innovation stories, becoming as well the Corporate Social Responsibility project of Mitsubishi in Italy.

#Sognareinnovare isn’t only a web-space where to publish projects, but also a way to meet other innovators, to communicate with those who believe in innovation and supports it.

Alisea Recycled & Reused Objects Design is proud to have been selected to be part of this project through and to contribute to a future where innovation and sustainability grow together.

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Sognare Innovare: Innovatori



Mike PiredduAlisea and #SognareInnovare
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