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Susanna Martucci’s talk at TEDxVicenza

In her talk Susanna tells us all about her entrepreneurial journey: from the creation of Alisea to conceiving Perpetua la matita. This is her personal path, guided by a concept of re-evolution, that brought her business philosophy to be a righteous example of circular economy.

Here are the words that introduce the video of her talk at TEDxVicenza 2016:

“June 2015, I was excited and moved as a member of the audience of the first edition of TEDxVicenza, at the Teatro Olimpico; May 2016, I am even more excited to be a speaker at TEDxVicenza 2016.”
“Everything happens for a reason, and I will explain you why…”

Giorgia GiordanSusanna Martucci’s talk at TEDxVicenza
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