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Perpetua – The Pencil will run for the Compasso D’Oro!

Perpetua ADI IndexPerpetua – Pencil, is among the objects selected by ADI INDEX DESIGN, the annual ADI Association for Industrial Design publication that collects the best Italian design put into production. ADI represents the whole chain of Italian design, are part of it companies, designers, distributors, schools and institutions. Perpetua was selected from a experts, designers, critics, historians, journalists: it’s the first step in the process for the “Compasso D’Oro” award, the most authoritative global design prize.

We are excited and proud to see Perpetua – The Pencil, as well as ethical values of sustainability and innovation, noticed also for the aesthetic value of design Marta Giardini that has allowed it to be selected and appreciated  in the prestigious world of industrial design context.

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Perpetua ADI INDEX

Mike PiredduPerpetua – The Pencil will run for the Compasso D’Oro!
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