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Alisea flies to Leipzig on the wings of circular economy

Alisea and Perpetua are flying to Leipzig from the 21st to the 23rd October, the beginning of a new chapter for the first story written with recycled graphite.

It will be an international event, the Design Festival of Leipzig, that this year will host the second edition of the design market-exhibition which follows the theme of circular economy: the “International
Upcycling – Messe & Ausstellung Echt Alt”.
Design, reuse and recycle explained by 21 exhibitors coming from five different countries. Alisea, will land in Saxony to represent the Italian colours. As a pioneer of circular economy, Alisea will talk about the high quality of Made in Italy through some of the Communicating Objects it has created throughout its twenty-years of experience in the field.

Three different types of bags will narrate how Alisea is able to give new life to the materials it uses: from the recycled “rubber inner tubes” of cars are born the bags designed by Marco Lai for Hell’s Kitchen, used tyres have been reinterpreted directly by Alisea to create the classic “postina”, while, from the recovery of Rubelli’s textiles, unique travel bags are created.

And of course we could not be missing the object with which to write this story: Perpetua the pencil.

A revolution which embodies the excellence of the Alisea’s philosophy.

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Giorgia GiordanAlisea flies to Leipzig on the wings of circular economy
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