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The G-Bag 2016: a renewed collaboration between Alisea & Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido

It is a happy collaboration the one between the prestigious Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido and Alisea Arte & Reused Object Design.

After the first landing a year ago in the lagoon with the G(raphite) Bag, which used inevitable textile manufacturing waste of awnings produced by Gibus, in 2016 the new G Bag Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido is introduced. It is made by using a unique and exclusive material: anti aphid nets. Anti aphid nets are used in agriculture to prevent, in an environmentally friendly manner and without the use of chemicals, the spread of diseases caused by microorganisms harmful to crops. These nets are made in a lightweight and durable material and their white color donates maximum brightness to the G Bag. It is made of a monofilament net which favors the passage of air and is unaffected by UV rays thanks to the appropriate stabilization treatment it receives.
On the inside it holds a useful colored pocket made of Gibus’s production waste material which make it even more unique.


A beach bag that did not exist before and which represents a successful collaboration between three entrepreneurial realities who focus on details and exclusivity in order to ensure maximum quality.

The printing technique used for the G bag is an exclusive right of Alisea: an innovative ink, produced using graphite powder recovered from the industrial production processes of the Italian headquarter of the Japanese Toyo Tanso, so that nothing is wasted.

Furthermore, Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido has decided to proclaim the G-Bag testimonial of its brand all over the world. It will be possible to follow its journeys across the globe with the hashtags #GBAG, #hotelexcelsiorvenezia and #hotelexcelsiorvenezialido.
The one between Alisea, Gibus and Hotel Excelsior Lido Venice is a renewed collaboration which has every intention to proceed successfully and continue creating amazing objects.



a.manticoThe G-Bag 2016: a renewed collaboration between Alisea & Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido
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