Alisea recycles waste materials from its clients and transforms them into design items that are able to convey the client’s identity and image. Wood or metal chips, electric circuits, wires, old catalogues or event wastes of agri-food production are processed and put in the most diverse materials, such as wax, resin, PVC or glass. Combining design creativity with advanced technology and manual skill gives an unexpected collection of amazing items. All the items of the Material Research Project are unique pieces handmade in Italy. “The Material Research Project was launched in the late ‘90s when Massimo, a young glass craftsman I used to work with, told me about his collection of blown glass goblets. Their stem includes small objects he used to pick up from the roadside, as a young apprentice, any time his old and beloved Citroën Dyane just stopped, often while he was driving through the countryside. While waiting for another car to pick him up, he enjoyed turning this unexpected event into a creative moment: he picked up metal pieces, screws, and bolts. Later, in the workshop, he put these pieces in glass and noted information about their origin down. We suggested this very idea to our clients: their production waste and scraps can be put in glass, as well as wax, resin, and PVC”.